About toogles

toogles.org -- Tools for Google Desktop

What is it?

This is a tool created to aid in the use of the Google Desktop Search facility. Specifically, I am starting with a hack written in Visual Basic and VBA to automatically convert Microsoft Word documents to HTML. This allows those files to be indexed and searched by the Google Desktop function when they would otherwise not be searchable. I will add my own hacks related to this tool as I create them. The hope is that others will use this as a location to store similar hacks.

Note: I am calling this a hack because thats what it is. The tool as it exists now is not pretty. However, it gets a job done that I was unable to find a tool for elsewhere. I expect that it will be of some use to others, ugly as it is.

Current Status

This project is now registered at SourceForge.

The sourceforge hosted site is here: http://toogles.sourceforge.net/

The project page is here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/toogles/